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What is that smell?

I was wandering through Debenhams the other day, looking for the till to get an item refunded. As it happens the till was in the furtherst corner of the furtherst floor away - presumably to discourage you from taking anything back.

As I made my way across the ground floor, through the menswear to the escalator, my nose was caught by a rather pungent smell.

“Shit” I thought. It did quite literally smell like someone had had a number 2, but my expletive was actually one of panic, not a description of the stench.

As a person with an ostomy, my instant reaction, when catching a whiff of such kind, is to glance down at my shirt and clutch my bag for dear life. A quick visual and touch test revealed that the source of the stench was unlikely to be me.

But this wasn’t yet confirmed.....

There was still one more test I needed to conduct to ensure that it wasn’t me that everyone would be staring at.

The smell was now quite strong and the closer I got to the escalator the more concerned I became. The smell wasn’t dissipating. If I was in a cartoon then I imagine it would look like this green cloud above my head following my every move.

This isn’t an unusual scenario for an ostomate. I have experienced that feeling of panic several times before. Once on a packed comm