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Catching swans and cracking on

This month our guest blog comes from the thin blue line and one of the UK's finest - @IBD_PC:

We understand from your Twitter handle that you are a police officer with a stoma - whats your story?

Hi! Yes I'm a Police Officer in the UK and I've had a battle with Ulcerative Colitis which is a type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease which ultimately resulted in an operation called a Panproctocolectomy which removed my entire Large Intestine and Rectum and constructed an Ileostomy which is an opening in my abdomen through which food waste passes and is collected in a bag. I'm still a fully operational front line uniformed Police Officer.

So what made you want to be a police officer?

Seeing Police cars blatting about and wondering what they were going to!! It looked like a fast paced exciting job with a dose of danger. I was always someone who would stop and help, and not walk by minding my own business so it made sense as a career!

How long have you had your ‘bag’ for?